Module 1. Nondual Coaching
Module 2. Non-Positional Relating
Module 3. Nondual Insight
Module 4. Filling the Toolkit
Module 5. Expanding the Toolkit
Module 6. The Business Side

Principle-Based Coaching + Cheat Sheet PDF

Nondual coaching at NDLCA represents life coaching in its purest form, rooted not in specific methods or teachings of nonduality but through a coherent application of nondual principles. At NDLCA, we have identified 10 key principles that underpin our approach and programs. These principles are vital for maintaining the effectiveness of coaching and serve as a solid foundation to guide our practice.

These principles help coaches avoid getting lost in abstract concepts or becoming overly reliant on a multitude of coaching tools. Instead, they enable coaches to develop their own methods, anchored in these foundational principles. This ensures a thoughtful and adaptable approach to coaching, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Nondual coaching can sometimes seem confusing or overly simplistic, especially when framed in terms like “All problems are illusions,” or “There is nothing to be done, just be effortlessly.” While such statements reflect philosophical truths, they may not resonate effectively with all clients. Grounding the coaching in clear, substantive principles helps prevent an overly simplistic approach that could render the coaching counterproductive.

By adhering to these principles, we ensure that our coaching approach at NDLCA remains clear and effective, steering clear of simplifications that might undermine the coaching process. These principles not only inform the structure of our training programs but also help in designing coaching tools that are both effective and reflective of our nondual perspective.