Yes, you can be a nondual coach.

Discover the nondual coaching program: world’s first all-in-one course for coaches, by coaches.

Kat and Youri bring a practical and profound approach to experientially learning and knowing the nondual understanding. They are experienced and masterful teachers, listeners and coaches in that they meet you where you are and guide you to see and know yourself and the world in a whole new way. Their energies and styles are very different, which provides a multi-dimensional component that is so very appropriate working with this understanding.

A practical and profound approach

Peggy O’Neal



Meet the trainers.

You feel that traditional leadership development falls short of your pursuit of authentic and servant leadership. We offer an unconventional approach. Discover how to lead and coach from a non-dual perspective with Katrijn van Oudheusden and Youri Hermes.

Through this nondual training, supported by our books such as “Selfless Leadership” and “Not Your Responsibility,” we help you unlock your inner qualities in leadership coaching.


Meet the trainers.

You want to integrate nonduality into your coaching practice. However, you’re unsure about how to make that work. Nondual coaching is both possible and powerful. It can be taught and practiced. We’ve seen it, and we’ve done it. We’re both experienced coaches and have published several books about nonduality.

Our slogan at NDLCA is “Where nonduality finds its home in coaching”. Once applied in coaching, nonduality turns out to be valuable and of service. While we apply nonduality to coaching, we don’t directly teach coaching or leadership skills. Instead, this program offers a nondual methodology.

As main benefits, you will develop ...

You possess a clear understanding of nonduality. However, conveying it to others can be tricky. In this course, you’ll learn how to bridge that gap. Your coaching will evolve to match the natural flow of your understanding.

Within nondual coaching, various approaches exist, each effective when aligned with your personal style and client needs. Discovering your preferred style is crucial, and this training will illuminate it clearly.

We’ve found through our experience that nondual coaching is achievable. Far from vague or overly spiritual, it offers a professional methodology characterised by structured guidance and ample room for intuition.

How can you transform your nondual coaching endeavor into a viable venture that serves? In this program, we will help you to develop a business plan for a financially healthy nondual coaching practice.

The sessions are constantly clear and to the point. Youri and Katrijn reflect in such a way that the mind becomes still, although that’s not a goal. What I experience when Kat is talking is a big light that shines on my beliefs. So clear, enjoyable and for me also very funny, because it’s so obvious. And it always comes in a natural way, words are just flowing between us and it’s all okay exactly the way it is. Youri has words for what is hard to talk about! Sometimes for me it feels like ’I need to understand it’ and if I don’t it would be a failure. That also shines a light on my beliefs 🙂

Clear & enjoyable

Kim Gritter

I find Katrijn and Youri to be complementary. Youri provides detailed descriptions, while Katrijn gets straight to the point. Katrijn speaks clear and concise language, always bringing you back to the core and asking targeted questions. She's a no-nonsense lady - fantastic! Youri excels in descriptive language, sometimes so much that I struggle to grasp it :-). He has a gentle and attentive presence.

Clear & straightforward

Ingrid Collewaert

The combined facilitation is complimentary and the movement between them both flows naturally and effortlessly. I appreciate how Katrijn encourages us to ground our inquiry, that which is hard to put into words, in our direct experience. I find it helpful when she continuously reframes my questions, or challenges, sometimes framing the question with the opposite. This enables me to 'see it'. Katrijn's presence is engaging, provocative, challenging, encouraging and playful. I like how Youri often brings us back to the 'here and now', enabling us to inquire directly into our experience in order to validate (or otherwise) the 'no self'. Youri's presence is quiet, calm, affirming and inviting.

Natural and effortless flow

Pauline Holland

The 6 modules of the course.

Each month, we’ll delve into one training module, focusing on a central theme accompanied by a key document. Each module spans 4 hours, beginning with context setting. Following this, we’ll engage with the shared theory creatively to integrate our understanding, leaving plenty of time for Q&A sessions.

Does every coach naturally practice nondual coaching, given that it encompasses virtually everything? Or are there specific guidelines to follow for effective nondual coaching?

Nondual coaching requires specific guidelines. We’ve developed the 10 Nondual Principles that serve as the foundation for a powerful nondual coaching practice.

Sep 13, 2024, 14.00 – 18.00 CET

Can coaching still be effective without assigning roles to yourself and your coachee? We found nondual coaching can only be truly effective when roles are completely absent.

For this, we’ve crafted the Non-Positional Relating Check-up, based on intention setting. To ensure a deep understanding, we guide you through each of the 5 pillars step by step.

Oct 11, 2024, 14.00 – 18.00 CET

What is nondual insight? Can it be measured, developed, and stimulated? These kind of questions about true nondual understanding will be thoroughly explored in this module.

We’ll introduce our Nondual Assessment Tool exclusive to this training program. You’ll learn how to effectively use the comprehensive NDLCA instrument.

Nov 8, 2024, 14.00 – 18.00 CET

You want to integrate nondual coaching into your practice, but how? We offer proven nondual techniques to use as inspiration. In this module, we’ll guide you through transformations and meditations from Youri’s book “Not Your Responsibility” and inquiries from Katrijn’s book “Seeing No-Self” to help you find the right techniques for your style and your coachee’s needs.

Dec 13, 2024, 14.00 – 18.00 CET

Your toolkit evolves with your practice. You want to be capable of generating and designing your own nondual tools. We’ll provide you with insightful ideas to create a methodology that suits your specific style. This is based on our Tool Design Guide.

Being able to come up with powerful nondual methods on the spot, helps you to meet the needs of each coachee at any moment.

Jan 10, 2025, 14.00 – 18.00 CET

As a nondual coach, your passion for nonduality is likely your driving force. However, it’s essential to ensure your practice is financially rewarding as well.

How can you turn your nondual coaching practice into a healthy venture? What type of marketing aligns with your nondual style? We’ll delve into it by discussing a nondual proof Business Plan.

Feb 14, 2025, 14.00 – 18.00 CET

Great blend of characters and energy. Youri is calm and relaxed, while Katrijn is a bit more directive. Katrijn excels at simplifying themes with everyday examples and humor. Youri is skilled at asking the right questions at the right moment. Humorous and welcoming, he adeptly addresses deeper layers of nonduality.

Dynamic duo

Ard van der Veldt

Katrijn and Youri do an amazing job in trying to describe the Indescribable. They often don’t give answers but mainly directions to find the answers yourself. Which is way more powerful, because than it can come from deep knowing, instead of a new dogma or concept to hold onto.

Directions instead of just answers

J. van der Meulen

Katrijn and Youri are skilled at pointing out the beingness that is beyond mind and then resisting the pull to move back to the mind to understand and make sense of it. They are able to stay focused on the elusive, ungraspable thisness that is here before the mind categorises, labels, tells stories about, and diminishes this magical display.

Skilled at pointing out

Mike Munro Turner

Curious about the training?

During an orientation meeting, we will explore whether this training will be the right fit for you. With that, keep in mind that there is a selection policy.

I found the combined guidance of Youri and Katrijn very valuable to see things more clearly via different perspectives of both people! The directness and joy of Katrijn are infectious 🙂 Youri's calmness and wisdom are comforting and very unique.

Very unique experience

Twan Roubroeks